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Do You Know Why Your Dog is Not Sleeping

There are some signs to notice if your dog is suffering from the insomnia, Like humans the dogs won’t have dark circles around the eyes and also you would not hear the turning and tossing over the night. However, you might hear pacing, whining or barking during the night and in the day. There are different reasons for that; in this article, we discuss some of those.

Lonely Puppies

If you recently brought a new puppy then do not be surprised if the dog doesn’t fall asleep during the first night. The puppy lived his life with his mother and litter-mates. Now you brought him to a new environment so he will require some time to adapt the new lifestyle. If you left the dog crate too far from your room he will feel lonelier. You may hear whining and scratching the door.

So now that question is what can you do? The solution is simple, keep the crate near to you. This is a temporary thing, you can keep the crate away once the puppy starts to feel better. Move the crate gradually away from you. Some dog breeders recommend that you keep the puppy near a tick tock clock and in his blanket put a bottle of warm milk, this will mimic the heartbeat of her mother and warmth of the litter.

Build up Energy

If you left your dog alone for the day and he is feeding himself then do not be surprised when you come at night and you see the dog in hyper motion. The dog would be sleeping for the most part of the day and now he is finding hard to sleep again at night.

Solution: It might not be possible for you to be around the dog during the day so you can hire a dog walker or pet sitter to tire it out and give the dog companionship. Dog day care center is another option.

Critters at Night

Countless people reported that their dogs awake at night whining, pacing and acting weird as if they’ve seen some ghost. Dogs have a higher sense of hearing so they can hear things that humans can’t. The reasonable explanation for that is a critter. The dog is whining and pacing because he can’t hunt down or stop the constant noise.

Solution: Get a pest inspector and let him check the house for these critters.

Emotional upsets

Changing of a house or having many guests around could be overwhelming for the dog. New scents, sounds or new sights could cause a major problem in regular routines of dog. A dog scared of these things would not feel relax and therefore, won’t be able to sleep.

Solutions: You can get DAP diffusers, or play music on soothing music, and there are some herbal remedies. There are some herbal remedies that can help your dog in sleeping instead of relying on drugs like diphenhydramine.

Physical issues

Observe the dog for any physical problem, is the dog licking the paws at joints or some other body part repeatedly? There could be a injury or itchy area on the body that the dog is trying to scratch. If the dog is retching and pacing nervously this could be medical emergency symptoms of bloat. If the dog is smacking lips and drooling, he could be facing some digestive problem. If the dog is frequently leaving the house at night there could be a urinary tract infection, kidney or bladder problem, and gastrointestinal problem.

Solution: You should consult your vet because the condition could be serious.

Side Effects of some medication

If you are giving some medication to the dog, insomnia could be a side effect of that. Medicine containing steroids could be a possible reason for that. Steroids have other side effects like increased urination and drinking. If you are giving some kind of medication to the dog you should check the bottle for possible side effects.

Solution: You should contact the vet if you are observing some side effects.



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