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Woman Does a Thing to Cherish Dog Forever


Something’s leave their marks forever. This is a story of girl who wanted to spend the last moments with her dog. Maria Sharp got this dog named Chubby when she was 7 (and now 23). Unfortunately, Chubby had this health problem and there was no improvement for a couple of years.

childhood pet puppy

Chubby was suffering from a Cognitive Dysfunction & later things got worse. Maria said I knew that the disease was making her uncomfortable for a long period and it was the right but an extremely difficult decision to put her down. The disease spread way sooner than expected, so a better way to spend the last time with her dog is to capture the moments in camera.

as a kid

Maria is photographer & she got help from dear friend Suzzane price. The beautiful pictures of Maria and Chubby received an incredible feedback from the social media. The response was quite high from the people who experienced same phase in their lives. Maria told that she would miss the cuddling and Chubby always made her feel calm.

together puppy

Chubby passed away few hours after taking photographs with Maria. It might be the end of their sixteen years relationship but Maria would always have the photographs that she took with Chubby and she will cherish those pictures forever.

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