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Why dogs dig earth

When your dog starts to dig the plants, make tunnels, leaving craters in the boxes and so on. It presents a serious problem of coexistence, many pet owners are forced to choose between a beautiful garden or a dog.

It is not uncommon to see green spaces converted into terraces cemented because of the devastation caused by the pet. But do not despair, you do not have to reach that difficult decision. Dogs and plants can live together in a common area, provided they respect some basic rules to avoid problems.

It is necessary to find first who is responsible for the damage, I have seen cases in which dog is held inside of house all the time for days to avoid the problem and later the owner realizes that it is actually a mole, stray dog, fox or other animal. One should look at the legs and then confirm the suspicions.

Dog Digging Earth

If your dog is really making holes into the ground, we have to find the causes and possible solutions to this behavior. The most common cause is …. You know, the lack of activity.

Dogs develop an anxiety if they don’t consume the built up energy and begin to look for physical activity so as a result it would a great fun  to make holes and remove plants. The worst part is when you spend all night planting and you see no plant in the garden at morning.You should give your dog some daily activity that would keep him physically and mentally busy. No matter how much space you have in your garden the dog still needs its space and it wants to go out and interact with humans.

If your dog have proper activity you won’t have this problem, but if the problem still persist you should consult a dog trainer and get an advice because the problem might be some kind of health issue.


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