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Why Dog Grooming is Important

Dog grooming is a booming business today. People want the best for their pets so they use the services of dog groomers for the cleaning, care and general hygiene of their dogs. Dog groomers can even change the appearance of your dog, let’s suppose you want them to give your dog a complete makeover for a dog show or other such competitions. This business has a great scope and working as a dog groomer can earn you pretty good wages. There are major companies like Petco and Petsmart that provide services of dog grooming in the USA. Both of these companies are for pet, especially retail chains that sell a wide range of pet products.

They have dog grooming products and many dog accessories available in their stores. Some of the popular dog grooming products sold by these two companies are flea and tick medicines, shedding tools, dog wipes, nail trimmers, dog toothbrushes, flea and tick sprays, hair rollers, flea comb, dog grooming clippers, dog shampoo etc. They also sell other dog products like dog collars, bowls, chew toys, crates and kennels. Whatever grooming tools a dog groomer requires for their job can be easily found at these stores.

In addition to selling pet products Petsmart also provides dog grooming services with their in-store Grooming Salon where your beloved pet can enjoy hands-on personalized care and grooming from well trained and experienced dog groomers. Nowadays you can also find mobile dog groomers who will come to your dog with all the grooming services that your pet needs. They are very modern and convenient as you don’t have to take your fussy pet to a dog grooming spa or salon, the service comes to you. Mobile dog groomers are just a phone call away.

Pet Dog Grooming services
Dog groomers generally provide the following grooming services:

Bathing – They give your pet baths using special dog shampoos and conditioners and dry their coats afterward using stand dryers.

Combing, brushing and stripping – This service helps to remove the dead matted under fur of the dog and gives the fur a nice shine. It is a very popular grooming service for terriers and schnauzers.

Dog grooming at home Cutting and clipping – Dog grooming clippers and other cutting tools are used to cut and shorten the length of the coat of some dogs, for example collies. Nail clippers are used to trim the nails on the paws. Let us take a look at why you should take your pets for dog grooming services.

• For the general hygiene and cleanliness of your dog.
• To minimize infestation by external skin parasites.
• To decrease the chances of health problems like thrush, scratches or other skin problems in your dog.
• To monitor your pet’s health by checking for cuts, swellings, limping, heat and changes in its temperament, any of which can indicate illness.
• You can strengthen the bond between you and your dog by showing how much you care.
So treat your darling pooch by taking it the dog groomers or calling mobile dog groomers. Your faithful pet deserves a little pampering sometimes.

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