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What to do when a dog runs away

There are solutions and easy ways to solve this problem, but before we get to that first solution, we must see some points that can help us to discover the causes that lead to running of dog.

What your dog is looking for?
Normally the dog runs away to a place of food, a bitch in heat, garbage waste, or due to lack of activity, etc … If we can identify the cause of the problem we can find the solution easily.

Let’s start with a dog that has an attraction to a place where there is a waste. Well, we have to improve their diet, the dog must have some nutritional deficiency that forces him to seek out what you do not have at home.

Your dog can be at a place where people put food for the stray dogs or cats. If it’s a restaurant that dumps its scraps or poorly protected crap, then we talk to the collecting agency to fix the problem. Once the food source is cleared there will be no reason for your dog to run away.

What if it is a smell of a bitch in heat?
In that case, the instincts of dog are stronger than his love for his home, the only option we have is to make a more effective closing which will be discussed later.

In a lot of cases, the reason for running is a lack of activity, the dog might get bored of being at one place all the time or tied to a rope and decides to search for a place for running and playing. So “you have to give the dog a job.” If you have nothing to do, then find a sport, game or something like that. Let us not make our dogs prisoners in perpetuity of a garden or a terrace, we must find a way to give them freedom and activity.

Let’s talk about the right way to make an enclosure for a dog. We should note that dog the cage or dog house must have a minimum height of 1.90 meters and, at least, more than 2 meters wide.

When installing the dog house in a garden or a field, we must ensure that it is impossible for the dog to make a hole in the ground to escape. Another option is to cast a concrete plate of 50 cm on each side of the cage.

I cannot conclude without making it clear that none of these solutions will work if your dog is not balanced physically or mentally, the only way to achieve this is through education and activity.

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