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Transformation Story of a Bull Dog

In the year 2011, people did not have good opinions about the sheltered dogs. 75% of people hold bad perceptions. They thought that animals from the shelters cannot behave as normal as they could buy from that of shop. They thought of sheltered dogs as broken souls who cannot be recovered, so as a result they can’t have fun as normal dogs do. Today the society has changed and this is no longer the case.

The story proves that dogs in shelter aren’t broken and they could behave as normal dogs. This is a story of dog names Rosebud, she was dumped by her owner when she gave birth to puppies. The dog was saved by Emma. It was listed on the “Red List”. This is a list of animals who were going to be put to death within a day.




Rosebud was in poor and dirty condition. Emma took her to vet for cleaning and removal of parasites. The Rosebud was treated like a disposal by her owner. As if she was only there to make litters and once she did that she had no other use. So they dumped her to die in the street. After three weeks of proper care, she is like a new dog. She started to run again with full energy. She kisses, hugs, rolls and runs. She will put a smile on your face.

The dog named Rose by Emma because she believed that with proper care the Rose will open up like a real rosebud opens up with the sunshine. So without the timely rescue, the world would have lost this beautiful dog. Rosebud can be someone’s family.

Rose is now ready for to join a new family. After hearing this story what do you think do shelter animals are less than the normal dogs. If you give them enough care and love they would be behave like good dogs.


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