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The Transformation Story of a Dog

on the street dogs

What can a dog do in difficult situation and could not help himself? Today we have a rescue dog story for you, it shows that dogs are lovely pets all they need is care from us.

dog in the box

The story is about the stray dog, The dog was surrounded by the ignorance of humans. He was very sad and lonely with no food, water and companionship. This is not the way a dog should be treated. The dog was found without chip so there was no indication of the previous owner. He got very weak and has been living on streets for a long time.


The skin condition of the dog was bad, he had dermatitis which was the cause of hair loss and had allergies. The dog was taken to a vet and given special medication and shampoos. The condition was temporary and the hair would grow back. Buzu is a very healthy dog. He is shy and not familiar with the people. The dog has calm nature and likes to stay in but sometimes goes to the garden.

dog bath

The dog is very friendly and has a cat as his best friend. This kind of friendship is very rare. He is living a good life now and he enjoys the love, attention and food. These are the kind of stuff that he was lacking while he was living on the streets.

dog smiling



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