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The Racing Dogs

Greyhound racing has been practiced for centuries. In England, in 1550, the Duke of Norfolk introduced regulations for pursuing the hare and this becomes a real sport during the reign of Elizabeth. Greyhound dog results are good.

Careers in racing appear in the nineteenth century, with the development of the skin of rabbits or tapes and traction systems, there are two broad categories that have been developed over time for greyhound’s racing. Some dogs have persecution in their nature and other dogs are trained for persecution.

Racing dogs

Persecution in nature is the simulation of a hunt, the skin is pulled mechanically and imitates a look of escaping pray, the hounds are released in groups of two and they must run between 500 and 900 m, the race course is filled with natural obstacles: Dogs must anticipate, stop, jump over obstacles etc …

The second type of race has a racetrack and it is performed as follows: the dogs are placed in their barracks and they have to pursue the rabbit skin (now this skin is synthetic and approved by animal protection associations). A colored bouquet also being used in this type of race that revolves around the track with guide wire, the distance traveled by the dogs is between 275 and 480 m, depending on the races involved.

The speed can reach 60 km / h! The most common breeds in this type of racing are: Whippet, Greyhound, Greyhound Afghani, Italian Greyhound small clutch … you don’t see these kind of races every day, some dog breeds are not as fast as Greyhounds dogs, but the race can be fun and interesting to develop a good relationship with the pet. You can always train your dog to run faster but you might need a good amount of open space for doing that.

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