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This All Started From a Meatball

Dogs are very famous for their amazing attention and provide excellent teamwork. A Swedish compelling hustling group realized that at the moment of meeting Arthur. The dog became a big sensation.


The competitors were in a 430 miles race.The group was camping at a place during a race when a dog came to them at meal time. They only had food for themselves but Mikael Lindlord skipped a meatball and gave to this stray dog.

in the jungle

What happened next would certainly warm your heart. This is an inspirational story of Arthur ( the Dog) who went from stray dog to one of the best companions. Arthur was starving and alone in the rainforest. According to Mikael Lindnord, it all started with a simple gesture of kindness towards the dog.


They were eating before the start of long trekking and at that time he gave a meatball to Arthur. After eating they continued their journey but it wasn’t until later they realized that dog was following them. He said they had to take a break because the dog was in poor condition. They opened two cans of food and gave to the dog.


There was a stream in the way and the team thought they might have to abandon Arthur because there was no way for the dog to cross the stream. The team needed a kayak for crossing. They left the dog on the shore but after some time they saw him coming after them in the stream of water as he had no intention of leaving his group.  The water was cold so they pulled him out of the water and put him into the kayak. They had to find a different technique of paddling because Arthur was sitting in the kayak. He jumped into the water but it was cold so he got the jacket.


After reaching the destination they sent the dog to a vet. He was suffering from a 6 months old wound in his neck. The team raised money for the medical treatment of their doggie team member. Later he found a permanent home with Mikael Lindnord.

dog happy

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