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The Dog Was Tied Up In Chain for Long Time

This is a story of a dog that was chained for 10 years in a muddy area until someone contacted the Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia. She was being abused and neglected. The dog was rescued and adopted by a couple. The couple gave her great 18 months of her life before the dog died of the old age.

Animal Advocates Society  saw the dog first time, when she was being neglected at night, and left alone in cold mud, sitting in her own stool and being sleeted and snowed on. 10 Years with chain, no toy, no blanket and sometimes no food and water.


According to neighbors, the owner urinated on the dog from the porch. The AAS was contacted many times by the neighbors to report this but there was no action. The owner was not charged with cruelty; however this could have been easily done under the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The owner was going to take advantage of SPCA service of “Kill for cash”. At that time, SPCA ignored many animals that were being abused. But it is a fact that SPCA did kill many of the unwanted animals, a result of pet disposal contract with the municipalities in British Columbia. So it was a good thing that SPCA didn’t seize the dog because it might have lead to her death. At last Animal Advocates was contacted by the neighbor, they documented the condition of the dog and then saved her from her loneliness
. in her new house

Ten years on the chain made her dehydrated and emaciated. She could not walk because of the pain in her hips. Her own hair cloak was weighing her down because of dried mud on it. The previous owner named her “Judas”, But her new name was Judith. The story would be incomplete without the happy ending. AAS guaranteed that it would rescue every abused dog.
taken cared

After 10 years on chain, Judith finally found a home with 2 amazing people. They treated her like family. They gave her food, shelter and water. She was given a cart because her hips were very weak. They normally took her to the lake where she chased squirrels. And when the dog died because of being too old after 18 months, she took very special new memories with her as if the bad ones did not count at all.

Happy ending


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