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That is According to Lilica! Family Comes First

You might have heard many stories but not like this one. Lilica is an incredible young pup who does these amazing things that would bring tears to eyes. Dog named Lilica was abandoned & left for dead in dark streets until Neile Vania Antonio discovered her. Lilica & Neile live together now in the junkyard with rest of family that contains another dog, one cat, couple of chicks and a mule. Every day Lilica does these amazing things, Neile left speechless.

Every Night Lilica goes two miles along the occupied thruway to meet Lucia Helen de Souza. Lucia handles different stray animals. Lucia makes dinner for Lilica at exact 9:30, she eats her portion of food and then takes the remaining back to her gang after making two miles journey.

So it seems like according to Lilica Family is extremely important. Lucia explained that she saw Lilica eat her portion then stared at the rest of food in a bag. A neighbor suggested that she might be thinking of taking back the rest of food to home. So they tied up the bag & gave it to dog. This all started Three years ago and Lucia believes the dog to be very special. Even among humans, we don’t follow the concept of sharing, we even hide the extra bit from others.

We should learn the lesson from this beautiful creature; sometimes animals have better hearts than humans.



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