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Teenager Saved the Life of Dog

In Texas, 5 teenagers rescue a sick stray dog that they found outside the school. The boys named Joseph Rangel, Roland Bazan, , Brandon Noriega, Luis Villanueva  and Ivan Zarate found the dog near death and wandering around a track near the classroom. Teenagers felt so bad for the dog that Joseph Rangel said it broke his heart. Boys did a noble thing and gave some water to the dog and called Animal rescue. They took care of the dog until the arrival of the rescue team.


The rescue team took the dog to Animal Hospital. She weighed 27lbs and was dying. She had lots of ticks and severely malnourished. She was diagnosed with heartworms, venereal tumor and Ehrlichiosis (the disease caused by the ticks). Chemotherapy & some other treatments were needed that required money. The boys set up one fundraiser for the treatments that required 2500$ but they managed to arrange 2600.

Londyn ( the dog ) was sent to Foster home after one week of clinic treatment. Atlast she was able to get food. The dog was weak and scared of humans. With the passage of time she started to trust people around and got her chemotherapy and recovered from her illness. So thanks to those boys, who gave this dog a chance to survive and live a good life.


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