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Galgo_EspanolHeight at withers: 62 to 70 cm in males and 60 to 68 cm in females
Weight: about 25 kg
Coat: Barcina and more or less dark brindle, black, dark and light waffles, toast, cinnamon, yellow, red, white or berrenda and pious
Average life: over twelve years
Character: Reserved with strangers, obedient and affectionate with the master
Relationship with Children: good
Relationship with other dogs: Good
Skills: hunting the hare on the run using vision and companion dog
Space needs: essential garden
Spanish Greyhound Food: 600 to 750 g. of dry food daily, or more as the exercise
Settlement: none
Maintenance Cost: Moderate
Overall ranking: large dog breeds
Classification according to FCI: Group 10: Harriers> Harriers short hair