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Sled Dogs Breeds

The first major expeditions with sled dogs began in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1850 MacClintock, the founder of the sled expeditions traveled 750 kilometers in the Arctic in two weeks and with twelve dogs. After that, many other people joined the expeditions.

In 1929 a diphtheria epidemic hit the city of Nome gold miners in Alaska, the only means of transport that was being used to bring the medicine was the sled, thanks to the strength and toughness of these dogs the drugs were delivered on time and hundreds of people were saved, at this time that the fame of the sled dogs became global. The track that connects this city with Anchorage is 1800 miles, is famous for the practitioners of this sport, the track is being used since 1967 for the sled race every year.

Sled dog competitions are being held in almost all European countries and some Latin American sports actually sled in areas where there is no snow.

The training of dogs that want to practice the “mushing” could begin very quickly. This requires putting some weight behind the puppy and throwing a stick so the puppy can run with a small weight on his back.

The  “serious” training begins around the age of one year, the dog must pull the weight initially and then learn the skill of starting, stopping, left, right. Dogs are controlled only by the voice of “musher” (sled driver).

They always have a dog that is the head of the group, it should be intelligent, responsive, its role is to lead the other dogs that are equipped. There is another sport called Pulka, in which a driver is released with one or two dogs, equipped with a harness. Some breeds of dogs are used for hunting and for Pulka at different times of the year, it does require constant work.

From my point of view, this sport must be practiced in snow. I do not consider it a sport of modern city because the training requires lots of space.

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