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Several Recipes For The Dogs

It is a fact that dog treats could be very expensive and ingredients in those treats are not always best for the dog. This goes for human commercial foods too, the food also has preservatives in it. So you might not want commercial dog treats. Making homemade dog food is not difficult and sometimes it actually saves money too. In this article, we share great recipes for dogs……

Bone Bonanzas:  Dog loves bones, your dog will really appreciate this recipe because it has all sorts of treats like black beans, ground beef, soy sauce, cottage cheese just to name a few.

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Bacon Bits: I haven’t seen any dog that doesn’t like bacon-flavored treats. The bacon-flavored dog recipe made at home and it will be a the favorite of the dog.

Party Pupcakes: This treat is great for a birthday dog or for any other kind of dog celebration and party. The recipe contains ingredients like cheddar cheese, oats, fruits etc. your dog would really like this recipe   RECIPE

Vegan Dog Treats: There’re various vegetarian recipes for dog treats, like gingerbread, pumpkin cookies, minty dog treats and veggie bones etc, so if you want the dog to be vegetarian then this could be a great recipe for vegan dogs.

Jakey’s Sick Belly ( A Recipe for dogs): You could give the dog a treat if his tummy is not up for anything else. This could also be a nice recipe if the dog is vomiting or being vomit free for few hours. This includes hamburger, rice and honey which are great for the stomach of the dog. You can even use it as a treat of course even if the dog is not feeling sick.

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