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Romagna Water Dog | Medium Dog Breeds

Perro_de_Agua_de_RomagnaHeight at withers: 43 to 48 cm in males and from 41 to 46 cm in females
Weight: 13 to 16 kg in males and from 11 to 14 kg in females
Colour: brown-white, white with brown markings or orange-brown roan, brown, orange
Average life: to live up to sixteen years
Temperament: docile and affectionate
Relationship with Children: good
Relationship with other dogs: Good
Skills: Working in water collector and truffle hunting, companion dog
Space needs: you can live inside the house, although in this case, requires daily exercise
Dog Food Water Romagna: about 270 g. dry complete food diaries
Maintenance Cost: Moderate
Overall ranking: Medium Dog Breeds
Classification according to FCI: Group 8 Retrievers Hunting Dogs, hunting dogs and dogs lifters Water> Water Dogs