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Petandim Is A Natural Joint Supplement For Dogs

Petandim is the new product for Dogs introduced by LifeVantage. The company is a nutraceutical manufacturer that has specialization in NRF2 Science. Several Products are being manufactured by this brand these are potent supplements which provide dynamism, health improvements and reduction of aging process. The company is also involved in production of the antioxidants. These products will, therefore, are helping people in these areas of concern. The field of manufactured products is not limited to human products. Due to company’s great result, it has also started producing supplements for the pets that are an essential part of our family.

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Natural Supplement for Dogs

About Petandim for Dogs

The success rate of LifeVantage products is excellent therefore you will find many supplements that are designed for canine health. One of the known success for human supplements is Protandim. It is made from natural Plant extracts that are providing a remedy for boosting NRF2 properties and decreasing oxidative stress levels in the body. The advantages of this product are so great that company decides to enhance its research to create a dog version of supplement, as a result, you can see the nutraceutical named Petandim for Dogs (LifeVantage).

It is a Canine version of the Protandim which was designed for humans. The supplement is produced in a way to help him age in healthy style. The supplements are designed to support the joints, teeth, bones and overall health of our canine friend. With aging the dogs tend to sleep more, start to lose some their fertility and isolate themselves, therefore the company has designed a product that can naturally help them it reduces the effects of the aging process in dogs.

Working Process of Petandim

After using this supplement, antioxidant production process increases that helps dogs in remaining active for longer period of time. The NRF2 Science not only help the dogs in improving internal body condition but you will be able to see its effects on animal’s coat. The increase motility and playfulness of your pet will increase with time and you will be able to see the difference clearly. We will give you a better understanding of NRF2 in this article so that you can decide for yourself if the Petandim will work for you or not.

What Is function of NRF2 protein?

NRF2 protein is not a new thing but due to some recent discoveries, scientists research and realized that it has the power to boost natural manufacturing process of some antioxidant enzymes.The protein naturally exists in every cell of the body but it is not activated until it receives an activation signal from NRF2 activator. Scientist major interest in this product was that active NRF2 has the capacity to neutralize 1 million free radicals every second. However, vitamin C can only do this on one to one basis. Therefore scientists are now saying that products contain NRF2 protein are extremely powerful in a reduction of anti-aging.

Petandim contains oxidative stressors so it has properties of preventing damages that are caused by the free radicals in the body. The supplement will promote the process of cell regeneration, increases immune system & prevents the development of a great range of diseases. furthermore, anti-aging process will slow down for both pets and humans.

Protandim For Dogs

This supplement can also be called Protandim for Dogs because it is designed by same company named Lifevantage. The product works with same principles and provides the same benefits to dogs.

Has Petandim been tested?

Petandim has been tested independently in a laboratory of third-party (Specialized Team for Clinical Trials) with placebo-controlled, double blind environment. The results showed reductions in oxidative stress (Catalase). There were also improvements in cognitive body functions and Mobility. Lifevantage also checked and confirmed the active ingredients in the supplements separately to confirm their bio-availability. The palatability was also evaluated with different dogs for ensuring acceptance and compliance.

List Of Petandim Ingredients

The Ingredients in this supplement has been used to derive a special formula that will reduce the oxidative stress and provide protections to joints. Ingredients used are :

• Collagen Type II derived from Chicken Sternum Cartilage (125 mg)
• Chondrotin and Glucosamine
• Fatty Acids (Omega-3) provide benefits to joints, skin, and allergies.
• Green Tea Extracts For Increasing Body Metabolism
• Milk Thistle : Increases liver operations and removing toxin impurities
• Ashwaganda Extract help in reducing stress, anxiety and the effects of arthritis
• Bacopa Extract for boosting cognition and memory function
• Turmeric Extracts for arthritis and joint pain.

Petandim Benefits

• Reduced Oxidative Stress Levels by 40% in Just 1 month
• Improved Mobility and neutralize the free radicals
• Enhance Cognitive Body Functions through Nrf2 activation
• Easily Acceptable by Dogs and provides cell repairing
• Detoxifying genes and rejuvenating body cells in functionalities.
• Increase and repair joint function for better mobility and flexibility

NASC Seal on the Bottle

NASC Stands for National Animal Supplement Council. It is a quality assurance seal that assures the buyers that the product has been pass through rigorous quality control process and a comprehensive audit system has been performed. NASC is a non-profit institution that is providing its services to ensure the nutritional and health supplements meet the provided guide lines and safety precautions. The organization also works with supplements for cats and horses.

Side Effects of Supplement

Due to its natural compositions Petandim has no side effects.

DOSAGE According To Size And Weight
SIZE                            Daily Tablet’s
TOY (4-10 lbs)                      ½
SMALL (11-29 lbs)               1
MEDIUM (30-69 lbs)          2
LARGE (70-109 lbs)            3
GIANT (110+ lbs)                 4

Breaking A Tablet In Half
You can use a pill splitter or you can break the pill along the score line.

If you’re looking for some natural anti-aging supplement that will reduce bad aging effects and slows down the aging process and provides stronger bones and joint structure. Then Petandim is an ideal product. The dietary product is also specially produced for the dogs, preventing and limiting the bad effects of the free radicals in the body of your pet. Use this amazing supplement and give your dog a better and healthy life.

LifeVantage Petandim


Where Can I buy this supplement?

You can buy it from Lifevantage official website Or click on the banner at the start of this post.

What is the expiration date?
You can find the expiration date adjacent to the bar code mentioned on product.
Is Petandim Free From Gluten?
Yes, It is completely Gluten Free.
Can Older Dogs take The supplements?
Any dog over the age of 12 weeks and weight over 4 pounds can use it.
Is it suitable as Vegan Product?
No, it is not manufactured as vegan supplement.
Is it approved by FDA?
FDA Does not provide regulations for pet vitamins and supplements. However NASC is a self regulating non-profit organization that provides guidelines for dietary supplements.
Can My other Pets use this supplement?
It is only designed for dogs and has not been tested with any other animal.
Can all dog breeds Use it?
Yes, it is developed and suitable for all dog breeds.
Will my dog like Petandim?
It contains a formula that is specially deigned for dogs and it has also been tested for platability to evaluate the acceptance and compliance, so your dog will love its flavor.
Does the product contain sugar?
No. It is free from sugar and it is also Grain free.
Can my puppy take it?
It is suitable for dogs over 12 weeks of age and at least has weight of 4 pounds.

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Petandim Reviews and Testimonials

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Dog Breed Information
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
by JTP on Dog Breed Information
Good Product at reasonable price

Getting this product from amazon prime is cheaper than Vet. It was recommended by my dog's vet. Dog is 14 yr old and getting better after taking Petandim. She is more active and her blood tests are showing improvements.

by charles cox on Dog Breed Information
I am feeling this longevity of my little pal

I am giving Petandim to my 15 yr old peek-a-poo. He is taking it for over a year now. He is really active and his coat shines as a young dog. Love this product!

by S. Batterman on Dog Breed Information
Excellent product

The chiropractic vet of my dog suggested Petandim for my 14 years old border collie

by Shelley Coldiron on Dog Breed Information
Seems to be helping my dog

Dogs seem to be improving with their arthritis.

by Kelly S. on Dog Breed Information
Working apparently

My dog has more energy and seems happier. It is kind of expensive, but still using it. My dog is suffering from arthritis in his hocks. Born this way and he is now 8 yrs old.

by GPH on Dog Breed Information
They work

I am glad to buy this supplement in time for my dog.

by Chandra Isackson on Dog Breed Information
good for my puppies

My dog's joints are getting better and i can see the improvement.

by Shannon L. Smith on Dog Breed Information
Good supplement

Good supplement. It is really working for my senior dog.

by Wanda on Dog Breed Information
Happy healthy dogs

My dogs like them

by Rosky on Dog Breed Information
Happy healthy Dogs

Good diet and Petandim helped my Golden retriever & Schnauzer. My dog are taking this supplement daily for over two years

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