Dogs saying hello

dog says hello

Few things annoy people like dog  jumping of clothes for saying hello! It is a recurrent behavior, in which complaints are always the same, my dog jumps all the time, my dog gets dirty paws, my dog does not respect the views, my dog … my dog … my dog …

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The herding dogs

herding dogs

The dogs herd management appeared in Europe in the mid-fifteenth century and was developed in the British Isles in the sixteenth century, the herding dog sports was widespread across the continent in the XVII century and their selection and development are being made today. A good herding dog must be …

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Dog duck hunting game

dog duck hunt

If you train the dog properly you can hunt waterfowl successfully. It will serve as loving, lifelong friend and obedient fellow. So to fill your heart with birds and your heart with love, just follow some simple steps. Please note that this method doesn’t work with every dog, the method …

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how to prevent a dog from digging

dog dig hole

There are many reasons of why dogs dig earth some are hunting, attention-seeking, boredom, comfort and simple instinct. Dog digging is bearable to some extent but in some cases you might have to stop your dog from digging. Some diggings are random so there could be a difficulty in finding …

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Dog Pee or poop out of place

dog pee out of place

Many people complain that their dog pee and poop in wrong places. There are many ways to stop the dog from doing that because you don’t want your room to be full of bad smell. You can start by keeping the dog at small places. Dog don’t poop where they …

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How to walk a dog

Dog Walk

A dog requires lots of patience and care. There are several things that you should consider while buying leash or collar for setting expectations and rewarding the dog for a good behavior. It takes time but you can make the walking process a good experience. Put leash and collar on …

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Why dogs dig earth

Dog Digging Earth

When your dog starts to dig the plants, make tunnels, leaving craters in the boxes and so on. It presents a serious problem of coexistence, many pet owners are forced to choose between a beautiful garden or a dog. It is not uncommon to see green spaces converted into terraces …

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Dog Pregnancy Symptoms | Signs of Dog pregnancy

Dog Pregnancy symptoms

You should know if your dog is pregnant or not. Check the dog pregnancy symptoms and signs for evaluations. This way you will be able to know if your dog is facing common health problems or some pregnancy issues. Dog pregnancy symptoms and signs are as follows: Dog pregnancy symptoms …

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Dog care | How to take care of a dog

Dog care

Dog care is an important issue so in this article, I will guide you step by step in the process of caring. Care and Dog selection : You should pick a dog that matches your energy level for that visit our Breeds section. A hyper dog will rip up the …

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Dog Foods | Complete information about dog foods

Dog Food Types

Dog foods refer to foods, especially designed for dogs. They have evolved over the years. They survive by eating meats and non-meat items. Commercial dog foods : There are different kinds of commercial  foods available in the market, some are also available in dry forms. These contain 6 to 10 …

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