Dog care | How to take care of a dog

Dog care

Dog care is an important issue so in this article, I will guide you step by step in the process of caring. Care and Dog selection : You should pick a dog that matches your energy level for that visit our Breeds section. A hyper dog will rip up the …

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Dog Foods | Complete information about dog foods

Dog Food Types

Dog foods refer to foods, especially designed for dogs. They have evolved over the years. They survive by eating meats and non-meat items. Commercial dog foods : There are different kinds of commercial  foods available in the market, some are also available in dry forms. These contain 6 to 10 …

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Dog training | Learn how to train your dog and puppy

Dog Training

Dog training is a process in which the trainer or owner teaches his or her dog to perform some actions in response to several commands. Common training includes commands like “lie,” “sit,” “down,” etc. There are different methods available for training . Dogs are being used in military, law enforcements, …

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How to take Dog pictures – Advice of a professional

If you are an average photographer then your photos might not achieve the humor, athleticism, and outrageous cuteness of your dog. Some of the Most powerful and popular tips for taking pictures are as follows: Timing is everything: If you want to take action pictures then take the shoots before …

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