The Racing Dogs

racing dog breeds

Greyhound racing has been practiced for centuries. In England, in 1550, the Duke of Norfolk introduced regulations for pursuing the hare and this becomes a real sport during the reign of Elizabeth. Greyhound dog results are good. Careers in racing appear in the nineteenth century, with the development of the …

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Good Tracking Dogs

tracking dog breeds

In tracking, the dogs are trained to find an object with the help of its scent. Tracking is also essential for dogs if they want to survive in wild. They have to track their potential prey and hunt it down for surviving. The Physiological Mechanism for Tracking Dogs depend on …

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Search Training For Dogs

search training for dogs

Dogs are being used in Search and Rescue (SAR) for example in natural disasters, wilderness tracking, search for missing persons and in the events of mass casualties. These situations require well-trained dogs and dedicated handlers. Most handlers typical search the area in small teams and the search is made on …

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Water Rescue Dog Breeds

water rescue dogs

The Newfoundland is indisputably the king of rescue at sea, oily undercoat protects from water and cold, their feet are webbed, its long tail serves as a rudder and his size allows him to swim even in the storms stronger, but what certainly makes it special is the love and …

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Dogs Search for Missing Persons

dog search for missing person

  The search for missing persons is a discipline that takes a lot of rigor on the part of the dog, courage, speed, and toughness. In fact, the common point of all missing persons is their brittleness, in most cases are children, elderly, mentally handicapped, amnesic and suicidal people. The …

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Sled Dogs Breeds

sled dog breeds

The first major expeditions with sled dogs began in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1850 MacClintock, the founder of the sled expeditions traveled 750 kilometers in the Arctic in two weeks and with twelve dogs. After that, many other people joined the expeditions. In 1929 a diphtheria epidemic hit the city …

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Guide Dogs for the Blinds

Guide dog for blind

These dogs also called service dogs and are responsible for facilitating the daily life of the blind people to help them have a life with fewer limitations. Dogs for blinds – A Profession: It is a profession that can not be taught to pet dogs, it requires specific training and …

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Assistance Dogs

assistance dog

The farmer’s and the Golden Retriever are the two breeds that are mostly being used as assistance dogs. Their instincts for retrieving objects, docility and their adaptation to any situation make them predisposed to this profession. In addition to these qualities, these dogs are cute and friendly; this greatly facilitates …

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Dog Barks when people spend

why my dog barks

Dog barking is a behavior that is not only annoying to the owners, but can also cause problems with our neighbors, in this article I suggest some tips to prevent this behavior. My dog barks all the time …. That’s not true, we must first identify the times, situations and events …

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What to do when a dog runs away

dog ran away

There are solutions and easy ways to solve this problem, but before we get to that first solution, we must see some points that can help us to discover the causes that lead to running of dog. What your dog is looking for? Normally the dog runs away to a …

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