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The Dog Lost Her Consciousness During Reunion

The dog faints while meeting her owner after two years. Rebecca Ehalt might have missed the dog during the trip to Europe. But the dog missed her to an extent that it knocked him out of his senses.

Ehalt visited the family home in Pennsylvania. She came back from Slovenia where she is residing currently. She came back for the wedding reception which her parents planned for her & the husband. Ehalt reunited with her dog Schnauzer named Casey ( 9 years old), She was meeting the dog after 2 years.

The video displays Casey jumping excitedly on Ehalt in the attempt to smother her with a kiss. But the happiness of Ehalt might be too much and the pooch wobbles for a while before passing out. The video was uploaded by Ehalt on Thursday. Clearly her absence was noted by the pup. To be fair two years of separation could mean 14 years if you count them in dog years.

You can hear high pitch noises in the video which is a normal sound that schnauzers make. Anyone who has that breed of familiar with it and would know that these breeds have higher pitched voices. Abbett said that it was an unusual behaviour and they got worried about the dog. Casey was fine and had a visit to vet. But the video has a happy ending.

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