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Man Saves The Life of The Dog By Giving CPR

‘I noticed the dog was not breathing’: A trainer gave CPR and saved Life of the dog. Dog miraculously came back to life after CPR was given by a trainer. Sugar (dog) was four months old and her owner cried uncontrollably when the dog was laying on the ground motionless. At that time, head of Washington Dog training didn’t panic and had a thought of giving CPR to the dog to start the breathing again. The guy is training dogs for nearly 4 years now. He was filmed during the application of CPR.
The dog had a seizure on Saturday during the K-9 obedience class at the Canyon Crest training Center. The owner cried her eyes out and filmed during the session.
The owner told she was quite sure that she had lost the dog, because the eyes were open but he wasn’t moving. Mr Page gave the dog mouth-to-mouth and performed the CPR. He told that he wasn’t breathing but I had hope that he would come around so I performed the procedure, applying the pressure then allowing the dog to breathe as we perform the process in humans.
The dog started the breathing after 2 minutes of CPR. He was conscious and scared. Sugar was diagnosed with a heart condition so later the strenuous activity was cut down. Ms Kauth (the owner) said she is grateful for Mr pace. She said if Mr Pace had not performed the CPR, Sugar could have died in front of her eyes. Mr Pace admitted that he wasn’t actually sure about the procedure. It might not have been accurate but the result was satisfying. However, Animal Protection group reached Mr Pace and requested him for video rights for the purposes of training.
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