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Male Dog Names With Meanings

Human names are one of the biggest category of Male Dog names with Meanings because people think of Dogs as family members , therefore, choosing a human name would fit in to that idea. Some of the most popular ones are Charlie, Lucy, Molly, Toby, Sophie and Jake. If you want to go for a human name make sure to ask that family member or person and get their permission so that they wont feel offended. For example Uncle Herbert can be amused to hear that you want to name Basset Hound (Breed) after him. On the other hand A person named Annabelle might not like that you have chosen Maltese(Breed).

Male Dog Names With Meanings – A

Name Origin Meaning
Abe Hebrew Father of nations
Ace Latin One unit: One
Adam Hebrew Of the earth
Ajax Greek Name of a Greek king
Abrek Central Europe Avenger
Aktash Kyrgystan Village
Alek Russia Defender of mankind, form of ‘Alexander’
Alfie English Version of the name “Alfred;” counselor, guide
Akbar Africa Greatest
Aladdin Arabic Famous Cartoon Character
Alex Greek Defender of human
Alf, Al Hebrew It is a Diminutive, meaning – counselor
Armand French warrior
Alistair Gaelic Defender of man
Alpha Greek The First and the strongest
Amos Hebrew It Burdened
Amstel Dutch Name of a river
Andy English Manly
Angus Gaelic/Celtic One strength
Arby U. S If you dog loves roasted beef then this is a perfect name
Ayko Japanese Love Child
Archer English The one that uses bow and the arrow
Arrow English For fast dogs
Arthur Gaelic Bear
Arnold German A Powerful eagle
Ashton English Settlement in an ash tree grove
Astor English Rich U.S capitalist of his time
Atari game console Suitable name for dog who likes to play
Archibald German Very Bold
Atlas Greek Trivia : A titan condemned for supporting heavens on its shoulders
Axel Scandinavian Father of the peace
Axis Latin A Track for rotation
Amigo Spanish Friend

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Describe: Many people choose names that describe the looks of their dog and mannerisms. For example “Frisky” for an energetic pup, “Blackie” might suit a Labrador Retriever and “Spot” is suitable for Dalmatian breeds.

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Characters: You might give some time to naming process, spend some time with the puppy or dog. You will have an idea about his or her character. If he or she is happy all the time then you can give a name like “Chipper”.  You can also get an inspiration from movie characters  that match the behavior of your pet.

Unique Male Dog Names


Choose a name that you will like because it is going to be repeated a lot. The Shorter the Better, try keeping it between 1 or 2 syllable name. Longer names are difficult to pronounce and it is also harder for dogs to respond to such long words. Select the one that you can repeat easily without feeling tired.


Male Dog Names should not resemble to commands. It would be difficult to teach Fetch to a dog if he or she has a name “Fletch” or “Shae” for a command of Stay. Embarrassed factor must be considered. The name should not include any kind of Cultural or racial slurs, crass slang, curse words and general insults. For example naming your dog Poop-Head won’t be a great idea if you want to call him or her in public.

Popular Male Puppy Names With Meanings

Environment: Some people choose the name according their location and environment. For example if a family lives at neighborhood called Sagewood Meadows, might select a name “Sage”, similarly if a family lives at street named Sunterra Court, A name like Terra would be a great idea.

If you want to change the existing name of dog make sure to select the one that has similar sound, Bailey might be a good replacement for Hailey, Charlie could change to Harley.

Pronounce the dog name couple of times also consult other family members. Give it some time and see if the name grows on you. You can ask kids for some suggestions because probably they are ones who will spend most time with puppies or dogs. They might have some inspirations from their favorite movie characters or animations.

Amazing Boy Dog Names

Places: You can get an idea for Male dog names from the name of your favorite place or any location that matters. For example a Stray dog found at The home Depot can be named “Depot. A Puppy born or adopter in spring might be called Blossom or Petal. I heard about a Dog named “Converse” because it was the first shoe that he chewed.

Famous: A Dog can also be named after a celebrity or any historical person or figure.  People who like classical movies can name their dog Mozart or Brahms. Sport fans might go for names of their favorite players. Literature lovers can get an idea from famous authors. There are many dogs out there who have similar names to that of popular movie characters.

Cute Boy Dog Names And Meanings

Wine: Could be an inspiration so wine lover can choose Riesling or Merlot. Scientists can use chemical names that sound good to hear. A Cheese lover can name its dog Stilton, Limburger or Roquefort.

Consonants: Dogs are good at hearing high frequency sounds. So names that start with k,ch,sh and s would work well at getting attention of dogs. Sharp sounding names normally get quicker response. You should consider the words that end with vowels, for examples names ending with long “e” or Short “a” ( Charlie, Delilah,Simba,Sweetie and Kassie). Some names can also be suitable as female dog names.

Similarity: Make sure to check your surroundings before choosing a name because if your neighbor or people you ran in to park everyday have similar dog names then it will get very confusing.

Famous Couple Puppy Names

More Dogs: If you have more than one dogs then you can get inspiration from famous movie duos or trios, for example Abbott & Costello. If you have three dogs then go for “Moe,Curly and Larry” some more examples are “Sugar and Spice” or “Peanut and Jelly”. These might sound great in combination but you should also consider the effect of name when called separately.

Common names like “Fido” or “Rover” should be avoided because you might meet many dogs by these names.

Male Puppy Names Lists With Meanings

Dog Treats: It would be a great idea to give your dog a treat after every time he or she respond to the name. Love, treats and hugs after calling dog’s name would allow him to get use to it faster.