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Kerry Blue Terrier | Medium dog Breeds

Kerry_Blue_TerrierHeight at withers: The ideal is 44.5 to 49.5 cm
Weight: 15 to 18 kg in male
Coat: All shades of blue
Average life of twelve to fourteen
Character: balanced, playful and attached to their owners
Relationship with Children: very good
Relationship with other dogs: sometimes difficult
Skills: dog and pet care, in other times hunting dog
Space Needs: lax about
Kerry Blue Terrier Feed: 350 g. dry complete food diaries
Arrangement: regular haircuts with scissors (with razor)
Maintenance Cost: average
Overall ranking: Medium Dog Breeds
Classification according to the AKC: Group 4: Terriers
Classification according to FCI: Group 3: Terriers> Terriers Large and medium sized