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Hungarian Braco Shorthair | Large Dog Breeds

Braco_Hungaro_de_Pelo_CortoHeight at withers: males 58 to 64 cm and females from 54 to 60 cm
Weight: between 22 and 27 kg
Coat: shades of tawny sand or
Coat: short and bushy, should be rustic and hard to the touch
Average life: twelve years
Temperament: obedient, active and affectionate
Relationship with Children: very good
Relationship with other dogs: very good
Skills: versatile pointing dog
Space needs: it adapts well to indoor living while I can do enough exercise
Hungarian power Braco Shorthair: 400 to 470 g. dry complete food diaries
Settlement: none
Maintenance Cost: average
Overall ranking: large dog breeds
Classification according to the AKC: Group 1: Pointing Dogs
Classification according to FCI: Group 7: Pointing Dogs> Continental Pointing Dogs