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How to walk a dog

A dog requires lots of patience and care. There are several things that you should consider while buying leash or dog collar for setting expectations and rewarding the dog for a good behavior. It takes time but you can make the walking process a good experience.

Put leash and collar on a dog. Soon your dog starts to recognize that it’s walking time when you start to reach him with leash in your hand. Introduce it at an early age. Place the collar on dog’s neck and say the words “Let’s walk”. Don’t make the collar too tight. A good rule to check is by placing two fingers between the neck and the collar. You also have to make sure it is not too loose because it might catch up in dog’s ear.

Choose a side for a walk because it would tell the dog about his position during walking. Just remember that walking with a dog leash is not a natural phenomenon for the dogs so it might take some time for the dog to be accustomed to this.  Keep the leash close to the body so that the dog doesn’t try to run. This way you would also able to maintain control because sometimes dog tries to dictate the walk and pull you in its direction. You are the boss and your behavior during walking should show that.

Keep the leash near to your body but allow enough space for dog to walk. The dog will realize that he is not allowed to run ahead of you in any direction he wants. The dogs can recognize the tone of voice and then attach words to those voices. When your dog does something good encourage him by saying “Good Job” or any positive word you like and use stern voice when the dog barks uncontrollably on other people or dogs.

Reward the dogs with treats. Timing is important for this to work, for example when your dog doesn’t pull the leash rewards her at consistent time intervals and stop the treats when he starts to pull the leash. Keep some stock of treats that you are giving the dog during walking. Some treats that dogs like are cheese, jerky and hot dogs.

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