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How to take Dog pictures – Advice of a professional

If you are an average photographer then your photos might not achieve the humor, athleticism, and outrageous cuteness of your dog. Some of the Most powerful and popular tips for taking pictures are as follows:

Timing is everything:

If you want to take action pictures then take the shoots before the daily 3 mile run. You will be able to get serene portrait after that three mile run. The flash and click of camera might rattle dog at first, therefore wait for the right time. You can let him sniff the camera. After some time your dog will get familiar to camera and you can take the pictures.

The basic idea behind the photography is to keep the environment relaxed and natural.

Don’t do it !

There are certain things that you should not do while taking dog pictures.

  • Giving your dog tons of treats
  • Shoving the camera abruptly in your dog’s face
  • Repeating sentences with high pitch voices
how to take better dog photos
Dog Photography

Effects for dog pictures:

Take many dog pictures, it is the first rule of photography, this way you will be able to get some amazing shots. And always bring one extra battery. Turn the flash of camera off. Several amateur photographers get best results with natural, warm sunlight. Best times of day for taking dog pictures are morning, evening, under a shade (in a bright day) and on slightly overcast day, this way you can avoid the washed-out pictures.

How to take Indoor dog pictures

You can use flash for indoor shoots. For better results use off-camera flash and swivel it upward, so light’s bouncing off the ceiling. Take pictures at the level of your dog. If you take dog pictures while standing, you will get similar shoots like everyone else.

Notice background

You need to pay attention to the background while taking pictures of dog. Simple backgrounds stand out (for example green trees and sandy beaches ). If you have got the point and shoot camera, then take pictures from a distance (more than few dozen feet ), this way you will be able to get more focused dog pictures. And avoid areas where tree branches seem to be growing out of his or her head. You should also pay attention to the background, no brown background for brown dog, no black back ground for black dog and so on.

Ask a friend:

You can ask for help, if you want a regal profile or head-on shots, then a friend with some squeaky toy in hand can help. Notice dog’s behavior and you should be familiar with your dog’s personality. Some dogs amped up quickly when they see toys, so you might get opposite effects of what you are looking for.

Full body shoots:

You can get some mighty dull dog pictures, if you take lots of full body shoots from a distance of ten feet. Get up-close so the dog fills the entire frame. If your dog has long nose then take closer shoots, this way you will be able to get full effect of that long wet nose. Take dog pictures in profile, at 45 degree angles and head on. Don’t just hang up on achieving perfection, take multiple shoots, and select the best dog pictures for your photo album.

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