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how to prevent a dog from digging

There are many reasons of why dogs dig earth some are hunting, attention-seeking, boredom, comfort and simple instinct. Dog digging is bearable to some extent but in some cases you might have to stop your dog from digging.

Some diggings are random so there could be a difficulty in finding a cure for this. But if there is specific reason for that then you can improve the chances of stopping that. There are Five basic reasons Prey seeking, escape, physical comfort, entertainment and escape. Just look for the one that suits your dog.

Digging is natural for dogs so it is not possible to get rid of this habit completely. Dog breeds also play an important role so research about that dog breed. Canines have child like behaviors so it might be seeking attention. You should give more time to dog. Your dog might have thought of digging as a way of getting attention even if that is of negative kind. Giving punishment to your dog during digging might exacerbate the behavior.

Dog might be digging ground out of boredom. You might see the dog staring at fence for long time or whining, showing hyperactive behavior that could include digging. You can stop that by proving playful toys and giving proper time and attention. Rotate the toys every now and then to keep him interested.

Take long walks with your dog. Play fetch and you can use tennis ball with a launcher. A tired dog would likely to be less interested in digging.

Let your dog socialize with other dogs. Bring your dog to the dog park and let him sniff, saunter, and socialize to his heart’s content. Dogs are almost never bored when there are other dogs around. Go to parks and let the dog socialize with other dogs. Use garden fencing for closing down the digging area. Sometimes a small barrier is enough to stop the dog.

Large flat rocks would also discourage dog from digging so put some in the digging area. You can also use chicken wire or chain- link fencing under the surface of dirt. The dog would feel uncomfortable while walking on them. This technique normally works best near the fencing area.

Some more ways to discourage the dog are:

Putting dog’s feces in the area, some dogs hate their own feces.

Bury inflated balloons in the area, sudden burst of balloon would discourage the dog.

You can also use sprinklers when you see the dog digging.

Use citrus peels, some dogs normally don’t like the smell of lemons, grapefruits and oranges. To know if your dog hates the smell put some citrus juice on your hand and bring closer to dog’s nose if it shows anxiousness and backs away it means the dog hates it.

You can also get some professional help. Ask or have a meeting with the certified dog trainer. You can also get some training classes. Use negative reinforcements when you see the dog digging, for example using loud voices would distract the dog. The loud voice could be of a soda can filled with coins. The dog would associate this unpleasant voice with digging.

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