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How a Puppy Changed a Man’s Life

The man had no thought of how a puppy would change his life. David Hartwig had a normal life and was working with the horses, and he had no clue how his life is going to be turned for no visible reason. The decision he is going to make would have a huge impact.

This all started on a day near Christmas. While performing the normal day chores outside, he found a litter of small puppies. That belonged to his friend. When he was in barn he realized he had not bought a present for his wife so he carried one of the puppies as Christmas present for his wife. Halfway through, he thought of puppy in the same litter who was standing alone from rest of the litter. He changed his mind and brought that puppy. So he went back to exchange. This sudden decision for no obvious reason would change the life of this man. So the puppy he brought home was incredibly smart and very energetic.

Being an experienced animal handler David didn’t have much trouble in keeping the puppy, teaching him new tricks and training him. The incredible smart dog is going to be a TV star later on and got the attention of the world and David didn’t realize the dog was meant to be a star.

Unfortunately, the dog Passed away after spending 14 years of happiness with David and broke his heart. David said there was a strong bond between them from the moment both met. David is working with offspring Skidboot now so the legacy of dog continued. You can watch the full story in the video we are sharing with you.