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Hound Plays With The Fox and its Cub

Friendship  gives meaning to our lives, it definitely worth fighting for. We have seen many videos of animals being friends, some of those videos are extremely heart touching and some are hilarious. But it is always good to see new things, seeing two friends sharing food and playing together. The video you will see today is one of a kind. This is a video of real life Fox playing with a dog.

We all know that the relationship between a dog and fox is not very common. But after seeing this video, you might question your knowledge of animal behavior. This video is a complete opposite of people perception about fox meeting a dog. The video shows a dog treating fox cubs nicely. Saba and Molly play with the fox cub as if both don’t care about their natural instincts and are happy around each other. You will see that one dog is playing with the cub and the other one is teasing. One dog is behaving like a child who does not want to share his processions.  But the group is managing the play time somehow.

dog play

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