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Guide Dogs for the Blinds

These dogs also called service dogs and are responsible for facilitating the daily life of the blind people to help them have a life with fewer limitations.

Dogs for blinds – A Profession:

It is a profession that can not be taught to pet dogs, it requires specific training and it is a full time job, I’ve had proposals from people who want to do a part time job with blind people but, unfortunately, this not possible.

Dogs for blinds are generally adapted in foster care houses and they have been given special training. These dogs have to face different basic scenarios during their training. They learn to deal with fears, adapt strong reactions capabilities etc. They also try to accommodate their selves with subways, trains, elevators, and escalators etc.

Once a dog enters the training school, a process of education begins that lasts for six months or so, at this time we teach them to wear a harness on the back that has a guide wire, which is placed in the hand of blind person that way he or she can feel the movements of the dog and can also guide the dog.

During the training, trainers teach them to recognize address and locations in a city, corners, junctions, traffic lights, lines, protected passages, posts, holes, mailboxes, bank tellers, etc … but it is not the dog who decides indicated paths, It is the user who must have clarity about his journey and give the details required for your dog to reach destination.

First the dog learns to understand various commands then he also learn basic words like, right, left, cross the street below, for, close to the right, close to the left, ladder, door, metro, and all the words that his master may deem necessary to indicate the usual routes.

There is always a question in people’s minds, that a dog is color blind by nature so how it can distinguish in Red and Green color of traffic lights. In that situation the dog stops at the street corner whenever he sees a light pole, So the blind person will tell the dog to keep moving by hearing the surrounding environment. Dogs for blinds are trained to understand all the basic scenarios that blind people have to face in daily life.

The purpose of Guide dogs for blinds is to help blind people and this isn’t a profession, the training of those dogs is conducted by professional trainers.

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