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This Dog is Not Going To Leave His Piggies

Shehade the Airedale Terrier was watching the guinea pigs for hours in the store and she wanted one for herself. In the year 2010 Shedade was diagnosed with cancer, considering her condition the owner made a decision to get guinea pigs for her, so she was given a pair of guinea pigs.


Shehade & the 2 guinea pigs were celebrating Christmas together but then some unexpected thing happened. One of the piggies which were thought to be female was infact a male. Shehade really liked the work of nanny and she got really disturbed when one of the them taken away, she would not feel relaxed until it returns. She watched them getting stronger and bigger, this is a very unusual relationship. She would even dry the piggies after the bath.


One of the piggies died, the family was not expecting that. It also had a huge impact on the dog and she stayed and mourned at the grave of piggie and did not want to leave his grave. The friendship was not of normal kind and it lasted. It brought some beautiful and unexpected results. The relationship they had was of a loving family. The unusual family of Piggies and the Shehade.

Watch the video because it would move your hearts……


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