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Golden Retriever Review

This dog breed is a strong, muscular, medium dog, known for its thick and shiny gold coat and is known as this breed. This breed has a broad head, kind, intelligen, have short ears and a straight nose. When they move, the golden man moves with a steady and strong gait. Fans of the breed say that the feathered tail came to him with a “cheerful gesture.” Goldens is an outgoing, confident and gentle pet dog, so it is easily trained. They lead a happy and fun life, and this activity of the puppy lasts until adulthood. These strong, energetic balls can be played outdoors. Swimming and hunting are natural pastimes for breeds that bring waterfowl for several hours.Galgo_Espanol

Golden Retriever Characteristics

  • Height at withers: 62 to 70 cm in males and 60 to 68 cm in females
  • Weight: about 25 kg
  • Coat: Barcina and more or less dark brindle, black, dark and light waffles, toast, cinnamon, yellow, red, white or berrenda and pious
  • Average life: over twelve years
  • Character: Reserved with strangers, obedient and affectionate with the master
  • Relationship with Children: good
  • Relationship with other dogs: Good
  • Skills: hunting the hare on the run using vision and companion dog
  • Space needs: essential garden
  • Spanish Greyhound Food: 600 to 750 g. of dry food daily, or more as the exercise
  • Settlement: none
  • Maintenance Cost: Moderate
  • Overall ranking: large dog breeds
  • Classification according to FCI: Group 10: Harriers> Harriers short hair

Golden Retriever Food

Good quality food that is appropriate for the dog’s age contains all the nutrients needed for the breed. Some golds could become overweight, so pay attention to your dog’s calorie intake and weight level. If a person wants to treat your dog, call. Tasty foods could be an important helper in exercise, but overeating can lead to obesity. But exercise restraint and avoid cooked bones and high-fat foods. Find out which foods are healthy. Contact your veterinarian if you have questions about your dog’s weight or diet.

Golden Retriever Grooming

One or two times a year, a thick layer of gold waterproofing is often removed. In most cases, after cleaning with a soft brush, most dead corners can be removed one or two times a week before hitting the furniture. This type of brushing was a daily routine during a heavy sacrifice. Bathing helps to spread dead hair, but the dog should be thoroughly dried with a brush. In any case, to keep Goldens clean, he only needs to take a shower from time to time. As with all varieties, golden nails should be cut on regular basis.

Golden Retriever Exercise

Like many sports, Goldens requires daily exercise. Gold medalists, who have a lack of sportsmanship, can behave in an undesirable way. Golden dogs are long-term and a great companion for cycling, but it is recommended to consult a veterinarian before starting heavy or impactful work that can stress the dog’s bones and joints. In addition to participating in dog sports, such as dexterity, obedience, and supervision, many kinmen enjoy hunting expeditions or field trials.

Golden Retriever Training

Like all breeds, early training and socialization  are offered. Exposing your puppy to a variety of people, situation and places over a period of seven weeks to 4 months would help the goldfish become an adult and worthy dog. Puppy training is part of the social process and helps the dog owner learn to correct and recognize any bad habits that might arise. Obedience training creates a bond between the dog and the owner – he just wants to satisfy his feet to get the gold. Golden Retriever is sociable, honest and ready to offer, which makes training easier.

Golden Retriever Health

Golden dogs are normally healthy dogs. Responsible breeders check the health of their pedigree herds, including elbow and pelvic dysplasia, pediatric cataracts and other eye diseases, iridocyclitis and retinal atrophy of the eye; Some heart diseases are subaortic stenosis. Golden ears should be examined every week for infection signs and teeth should be cleaned frequently.