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Galician Shepherd | Large Dog Breeds

Can_de_PalleiroWithers: Males from 59 to 65 cm, females between 57 and 63 cm.
Weight: Males 30 to 38 kg, females between 25 and 33 kg.
Coat: This is usually uniform tan, brown, wolf, black … There are also specimens with alobada binary layer and / or similar to that of wolves. May not be white or white with outstanding features.
Character: Hardworking and intelligent. Very true to its owner but somewhat suspicious of strangers. Noted for good mental stability and balanced.
Relationship with Children: Good
Relationship with other dogs: Good
Skills: Grazing, guard and defense, guide, military dog​​, rescue dog, search for drugs, etc..
Space Needs: Prefers ample space and exercise performance.
Can power of Palleiro: Between 500 and 600 g. dry complete food diaries.
Fix: Reduced, brushing newspaper.
Maintenance Cost: Medium
Overall ranking: large dog breeds