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A Big List Of Female Dog Names With Meanings

Female Dog Names With Meanings will make the process of naming your dog easy, there are several factors and important tips that should know about. Choosing your dog name can be fun and entertaining. This can also be difficult at the same time because wrong ones would stay with your dog forever. There are many people who are facing this problem. You can choose unusual dog names or popular choices. Consider different factors like personality, color, size and breed. If you have a toy poodle then name like“Bruiser” might not be a suitable choice. later on, besides you should ask yourself would it really suit the pup? Some people like these but if you really want to go for it then make sure it seems appropriate.


Female Dog Names And Meanings –  A

Name Origin Meaning
Abigail, Abby Hebrew Father’s Joy
Addison English Child of Adam
Alabama French A state of U.S
Alanis Canada Shining star
Ada Germany Noble
Agna Greece Pure
Alba Catalonia From The City Of Alba
Alenushka Russia Female
Alexis, Alex Greek Pretty ; Hopeful
Ally Greek Pure heart
Aloha Hawaiian Love
Alpha Greek The strongest and the first
Amber French Golden and gorgeous
Angel Latin Angelic ; Sweet
Anna, Annie Hebrew Gracious
Annabelle Hebrew Favor ; Grace
Apple English Fruit
April Latin A Calendar month
Aqua Spanish Water
Ariel French Heavenly Singer
Arizona English A state of U.S
Arrow Latin Fast Weapon
Ashley English Woodland sprite
Asia Greek Reborn
Aspen Greek A kind of tree
Astra Latin Star
Alina Noble Slovakia
Alisha Greece Truth

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Embarrassing names: Some names could be embarrassing in certain situations like calling “Mister Bubbles” at mid night when the dog is trying to sneak out to yard.

Traditional Names: You can also choose Female Dog Names by Breeds. There are some common words like Fido, Pal, Prince, Rex and Sparky, these might suit the nostalgia buffs. If you are a history fan then George, Lincoln or any other important person that you might like. Bad historical people’s names, like Nero and Genghis might not be a good idea.

The Vowels: Normally people concentrate more on vowels while calling someone’s name. Even if you introduce yourself you will see that vowels are very loud, for example when you Mike, an extra louder version would be Miiiiiiiiike!

Hero : If your dog has hero type personality then you could select names like “Superman”, other ideas could be Clark, Kent, which are from same movie and represent a hero. You can extend to Krypton,.”Kal-el” and the list goes on.

Unique Girl Dog Names And Meanings

Appearance: Puppies look really cute when they are little and Fuzzy-Wuzzy. You should understand that the puppy will grow and will become a biggy-wiggy, so make sure you choose the one that will stick with dog size and appearance.

TV Shows Inspirations: Naming your dog after a celebrity might be a good idea. For example, Bogey could be a good choice. If you have a dog that is very outgoing then you can make a list and finalize from it.

More Than One: If you have more than one dogs then you can use a matching pair names like Laurel & Hardy or Teller and Penn. This could be a cute pair. There are also celebrity couples, fictional characters, musical acts, and entertainers. Greg and Dharma for girl and boy. On the other hand Beevis and Butt-head might not be a great idea, especially if your dogs are very sharp and active.

Popular Female Puppy Names

Commands: You should avoid picking names that rhymes with commands, this will confuse your dog or pup and complicates the training process. Some general training commands are stay, fetch, site, leave, stand, down, find and heel. Try to avoid dog names that rhymes with these.

Star Trek: Series like Star Trek and star wars have really inspired people. Spock The dog would create an image of “Live Long and Paws-per”. As previously suggested shorter names like Luke would be a better idea than Skywalker, if you are just choosing Sky then it would be a great choice.

Family names: If you have a daughter named Holly then naming your dog Molly is confusing. It is also tiring for the little puppy, who might always keep running towards you on hearing either of those names that sound alike.

Disney Dog Names: If you like Disney movies then you can name a puppy according to the character has inspired you in your life, for example “Mickey” is an amazing name for puppy. There are some new productions that has great characters like Tinkerbell, Sulley and Ariel. Find the one that suits the personality of dog and your imaginations.

Amazing Girl Dog Names With Meanings

Sweet and Short: If you want to choose usual Girl dog names then I would suggest a shorter one. 1 or 2 syllable dog names have more appeal to them like Max has more authority to it than Beelzebub or Beethoven.

Adopted Dogs: If you have adopted a pup but you don’t like the given name then choose the one that have similar sound to it. Like Lucky can be changed to Lucy. But doing this wont work for most people. So I would suggest you stick with the given name.

Different Language: You can also select from another language but make sure your know the meanings. Names like Una for Girl Dog and Uno for boy dog are great choices. They sound adorable and exotic at same time. You can also browse our list for inspiration.

Mythical: There could a a mythological figure that you love, why not choose that name. Hercules or Athena were great mythical characters and legends that represent strength and dignity. Naming your German Sheperd  dog “ Zeus” would be a great idea because it shows authority and power.

Cute Girl Puppy Names And Meanings

Responsive : Try selecting names that your dog quickly respond to. There was a dog who had a name Coyote but he was not responding to it, so the owner started calling him Moose because his responses were much quicker to it, so he got the name “Moose” for life.

ID Tags: Just make sure the name fits on the ID Tag. A dog should wear his or her tag all the time. Sometimes dog finds there way out and run away so having an identity would help you find it quickly.  Statistics show that dog with IDs have 95% success ratio of coming back.

Look at The Sky: There are several inspirations in the sky like names of planets, galaxies or stars (Pluto , Jupiter and many others), how about Rigel or Ursa? There are also several famous books and screen plays that contain amazing dog names, Eddie was a famous Books Frazier or Tiger ( Brady Bunch’s family dog).  There could also be a book that inspired you during your childhood. Some can also be suitable as male dog names.

Ideas From Kids:  You can select Girl dog names from movies. Sometimes kids can give you great ideas, so include them in the naming process. They can give you ideas about latest and famous figures that can be from cartoons or their favorite movies, because you might not be familiar with all of them. Characters like Elmo, Dorrie and Nemo are good choices.