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Dogs saying hello

Few things annoy people like dog  jumping of clothes for saying hello!

It is a recurrent behavior, in which complaints are always the same, my dog jumps all the time, my dog gets dirty paws, my dog does not respect the views, my dog … my dog … my dog ….

This type of behavior is a gesture of happy or good feeling, the dogs wants to show all their happiness and excitement on seeing the arrival of their owners or new friends. Try to calm the dog down by commanding him to go or down. I do not like to break the mood and temperament of a dog when I can simply dissuade him.

So what kind of tricks I can use with the dog to teach him greeting in a more convenient fashion?

First I remember that rules are rules, no matter what the day or the circumstances. I see cases in which the master allowed the dog to jump on top of clothes or allow him to scold in the bed on Sunday.

We should be careful t with what we ask the dog, because if you allow him to do it once the dog might consider it as a normal behavior to follow.

I said it before and I say it again we need to provide the dog a proper training, for this purpose you can hire a training or you can see some training videos. Follow those tips to change the behavior of your dog. Start the training from a very basic level.

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