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Dogs Rescue of The Year

It was a miracle; Beyonce (the puppy) was stillborn but had a lust for life. Beyonce showed that she could be the smallest ‘Rescue Dog’ of the world. The dog was so small that she can fit on the spoon. She survived miraculously and became one of the smallest rescue dogs in world. The runt of litter was bigger as compared to Beyonce, who was only five months old and has a weight of 3lbs 1oz. He was 8 inches long.

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The owner of dog shelter said cross breeds are purposely micro-sized. This kind of breeding leads to health issues in the dogs. Ms DeCaprio ( The Grace Foundation – El Dorado Hills in California) told that Beyonce was not bred to be small, she was a cross bred but nearly died in the uterus of her mother because of being squished and starved of the nutrients.



However, there are many breeders who are purposely cross-bred to get the smallest dogs possible. The process is risky for dogs and their ages are not that long. There are evidences of small cross-bred dogs suffering from various health issues.

Beth DeCaprio ( Animal Shelter) said the purposely cross breeding lead to swelling in the brains and the dogs also have difficulty in maintaining their body temperatures.

Beyonce was named after a pop star (Destiny’s Chiled) who sang Survivor. Ms DeCaprio said other puppies were normal. There was some runt in litter. She was not breathing and her heart was not beating but was rescued. She was given mouth-to-mouth and heart compression.happy





The smallest dog in the world is the long-haired Chihuahua named Boo Boo( Kentucky) and had length of 4 inches in the year 2007. Ambassador for the Rescue dogs said Beyonce gained attention internationally and became an inspiring ambassador for a plight of the rescue dogs.



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