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Dog Does Not Like to Bath And Tries Escaping in Funny Way

You might have done the same thing during childhood. Like being awake for late hours at night when our parents told us to go to bed early. One other thing we might have done is escaping at bath time. It might be because the weather was not so comforting.

During bath time, your mom had dragged you to the bathtub because you didn’t want to have a bath. Now, what if the dog feels the same way, what would you do then? Have you ever seen a dog doing this kind of stuff? some dogs act in same way as we have done during our childhood, like this pit-bull. So he thought of a technique. He thinks playing dead during bath time is a technique avoid the situation. He make a decision to go lump and acted as he cannot move. He won’t move from his place no matter how hard you try because the dog does not want to take bath and very determined.

If he is acting like babies then you should respond in the same manner as you would with your children. So what is the solution for that dog who decides to go lump?. The normal treatment that you would give to a child is dragging him to a tub by holding his legs and pulling him. That is the only possible way at that time and it seemed to be very effective.

Here is a video of a similar situation so if you like it please share the solution with other people as well.

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