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Dogs Do Have Dreams Read this Story to Understand

The puppy realized that the older friend is having a bad dream so what he did next was amazing. Some people say that there is nothing better than walking with a good friend and there is nothing more rewarding on earth than real friendship.

The video that’s been posted gone viral on reaching 3 million views. The video shows the reaction of a Golden Retriever, when he sees his senior friend in trouble. The dad was totally surprised on seeing a the puppy trying to comfort the dog. The older dog is shaking a bit but puppy rushed toward him and stands by his side to confirm he is OK. It seems like the older dog has got a friend but also a small protector, who is really adorable.

I caught the puppy comforting the older dog and they are now becoming great friends, says the owner. Firstly the owner could not imagine this kind of behaviour from the puppy and was surprised to see their friendship. The owner said he was very sure that duo would always be together. Golden Retrievers are famous for their friendships. They get along with everyone cats, smaller pets, children  and even strangers. His bark sounds like welcoming and protective. These dogs have great charms and they are well mannered and intelligent and can be trained easily.

Golden Retrievers really enjoy being with their masters and training them would be rewarding. They’re also very responsive. If you need a dependable and easy going dog breed then Golden Retriever would be a great choice.

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