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Dog Take Care of Abandoned Kittens

Shannon Torrez’s dog is name Asia. She gave birth to one puppy. But the new mother dog soon adopted three others, surprisingly those were not puppies. The house owner said one day she found these three kittens on her porch. Someone dropped them there. While picking up the kittens owner realized they need to be fed from bottles before the adoption process. When she brought the kittens into the house Asia wanted to view them but after a while, she did not want them to leave her sight.

dog take care of kittens

The Shar Pei-pit bull mix was eager to take the motherly duties. She nursed, cleaned and protected the kittens. For first few day she stayed with them all the time. It took some days for both kittens and the dog to get use to each other. Shannon said you might not have heard many stories of this kind. But the Vet Lane Preston told that this is not a rare event and she has seen many cases of this nature. This normally happens when a female dog is going through the heat cycle. She said the body of a dog can be tuned to make her think that she’s having some puppies and produce milk. Later the dog adopted the kittens and because the urge to nurse and to be a mother is stronger than that of the smell of kittens.

A dog could suffer from health problems if she is lactating and there is no puppy to be fed. So being the surrogate mother would help the kittens as well as the dog. The Vet said there are some cases in which we asked the people if they have some kittens or puppies so that the dog in need could be helped. The kittens, one boy, and two girls are named Gunner, Jade and Jewel. Asia would take care of those kittens for one more month and then they will be ready to be adopted.


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