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Dog Thinks Yoga is Dangerous

The dogs have adapted to humans and their change of lifestyles. Here is a story of a dog who wants to stop the human from what she thinks is dangerous. Dog wants to protect that owner and I am sure that she must have its own reasons for doing that. She is stopping the owner in a funny way and the owner appeared to be OK with that and laughs. After seeing laugh the dog realized that there was no threat so she stopped.

The woman likes doing yoga but the dog does not want her to do that so she awaits for the dog to sleep. She started yoga quietly and unroll her mat but the dog wakes up every time. At the start, the dog brought her toys and placed them on the head of the woman. Then she started playing with her toys. When the realized the method is not working she stopped playing with the toys and put her head between the shoulders of the woman until she started to laugh.

The woman stopped doing yoga after that the dog went away, after a while the woman started the yoga again and the dog came back for extra playing. For all the yoga lovers, this video is very amusing you guys should also look for the timing of yoga in your home because your dog might get inspired after seeing this video! So watch these funny things the dog is doing with her owner. A link to the video is just below.

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