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Dog Pregnancy Symptoms | Signs of Dog pregnancy

You should know if your dog is pregnant or not. Check the dog pregnancy symptoms and signs for evaluations. This way you will be able to know if your dog is facing common health problems or some pregnancy issues. Dog pregnancy symptoms and signs are as follows:

Dog pregnancy symptoms – Early Stages

signs and symptoms of dog pregnancy

Decreased Appetite – One of the earliest dog pregnancy symptoms include decreased appetite. This factor can’t be applied to all dogs but if your dog is eating less then it might be due to pregnancy

Less Activity – The pregnant dogs are less energetic as their bodies shift attention to the gestation,

Nipples Grow – Dog pregnancy symptoms and signs also include nipple’s growth. The dog will develop breast material and her nipples grow because of the milk production.

The receptive days of female dog are called estrus. The phase is then preceded by the pre-estrus, in this period the female dog will experience virginal bleeding for ten days.

Dog pregnancy symptoms and signs – Middle Stages

Increase in Appetite – This might be the situation if the appetite of your dog decreased during first 3 to 4 weeks.

Increase in weight – Your dog will show some increase in weight during 4th week of pregnancy. The abdomen of dog will seem larger and it feels firm instead of fat.

The first stages (estrus and pre-estrus) are followed by anestrus and diestrus.  These stages can last for upto 50 to 60 days. The pregnant dog will also experience morning sickness like humans. You will note some other Dog pregnancy Symptoms e.g losing appetite, acting moody, nauseous and vomiting. This condition might last for 21 days.

Dog pregnancy symptoms – Late Stages

Larger Abdomen Size – You will notice a much larger belly than usual. In small dog breeds the belly may touch to ground.

Puppy Movements – You will be able to notice some puppy movements in the belly of your dog.

Production of milk – You will also see some milk around the nipples.

Dog pregnancy Symptoms includes Nesting Behavior – The birth will be imminent (normally 24 – 48 hrs) when the dog starts gathering newspapers, toys and blanket in area where the dog intends to give birth.

Advice regarding Dog pregnancy Symptoms and Signs:

If you want some conclusive results then take her to vet. The vet can tell if your dog is pregnant or not by means of a blood test. During 4th week of pregnancy the vet will e able to hear puppy’s heartbeat inside the stomach with stethoscope. It’s recommended that you consult the veterinarian.

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