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Dog Pee or poop out of place

Many people complain that their dog pee and poop in wrong places. There are many ways to stop the dog from doing that because you don’t want your room to be full of bad smell. You can start by keeping the dog at small places. Dog don’t poop where they live, sleep and eat. You might have seen a puppy sneaking to rarely used rooms for pooping. When you are at home keep the dog closer to you or in some closed room, laundry, a smaller room, crate or bathroom are best places for this.
Take small walks with your dog. Puppies normally poop more often. Even though dogs don’t poop at the place of living and eating but in some cases they don’t follow this rule. So if you see the dog pooping in crate or small place it might be your fault for not taking him out. You can grab him and take it out. Some people take them to bushes so they can use to getting out and poop in that area. Use positive reinforcements.

You can also use negative reinforcement like saying “Bad Dog” at the time he is pooping at wrong place. The timing is important because if you do this long time after the poop the dog might not understand the reason for punishment. Also remember that consistency is important for proper training of your dog. The more consistent you are at your chosen technique the more your dog will learn. So don’t forget to put some extra effort into your method.

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