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Unique Male and Female Dog Names

Names say much about the dogs, and they also show the relationships. People can react positively or negatively/fearful when meeting a dog,therefore you need to use the right one. You can get inspiration from different resources but you should know what is the meaning of that particular name. It can be chosen from different language, could be an inspiration from actor or actress, famous celebrity, singer. Make sure to get some advice from family members and friends. It could be possible that they have already researched names for their puppy, so it would be easier for you to choose from that selections.

Some useful tips for choosing Unique dog names :

• It should be simple. Choose a name that your pet can recognize easily. Usually they response better for names containing one or two syllables.
• Pick the one that you like to call out. If you are in the park then calling “Zoe” or “Jack” might be less embarrassing than “ Death Breath”.
• Don’t choose puppy names that sound like commands ( Stay, Sit, No, Fetch and Down ). The “Joe” word is too similar to “No”. It might be difficult for them to know the difference.
• If you want to choose a long name then you can make a shorter version, but this might destroy the effect, you were trying to build.
• The inspirations can come from their breeds, for example Orientals (Burmese and Siamese) , German (Shepherds, Schnauzers, and Dachshunds), Scottish (Terriers), French (Poodle), or Irish ( Setters and Wolfhounds).
• You should wait a few days before deciding anything. The characteristics of puppy and a little bit of research will guide you in the process. Choose a puppy name that don’t obsolete with time like puppy is not suitable for dog.
• The process can be a difficult process. Proper thoughts should be given for blending of options, name initials and peer group acceptance.