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Dog life Was Saved Even After Being Stuck in Tar

Five months old dog accidentally fell in hot tar at some construction area in India. The dog was saved after massaging the body for 4 hours with vegetable oil. The dog is healthy now and named “Tar Baby”.

Animal welfare group received a call and rushed to site in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India). The dog was lying motionless; his body was still and stuck to floor. “He was helpless so it was important to intervene.” Clair Abrams from Animal Aid Unlimited. The rescuing teams massaged vegetable oil for hours and avoid the kerosene because it could have harmed the dog skin. The Team managed to pull him out of tar but it took many days to clean the body from tar before taking the dog to an animal shelter.


dog rescued

The dog was breathing heavily and petrified when first brought to the shelter, says Abrams. He is being vaccinated now and known as the “Tar Baby”. Animal Aid Unlimited is based in Udaipur. It is a home for cows, pigs, dog and monkeys. The charity provides dedicated helpline and provides emergency services to street animals.




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