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Dog Give Life To a Dying Man

There was a complete turnaround in the life of 73 years old man after the reunion with his dog in U.S. The man stopped eating. James Wathen the old man whispered in the ear of nurse that he misses his dog. The dog is one eye Chihuahua named Bubba. The nurse resolved this issue by reuniting the dog with his owner.

There are strict rules for the admission of pets in the hospital so nurse secretly contacts the Animal shelter where the dog was being kept during the hospital stay of the old man. They managed to capture the emotional reunion at Baptist Health Corbin Hospital ( Kentucky). Whole moment was recorded.

Mr. Wathen stroked Bubba gently when the dog jumped on him and started to lick his face. The chief nursing officer realized that mourning of the loss of Bubba was making Mr. Wathen health worse.

Nurse said there was not a single dry eye in room during the reunion. Mary-Ann Smyth told that the dog stopped eating during the period of separation.

NBC told that they thought the old man was not going to live. But Mr Wathen condition turned around completely. He is eating, speaking and sitting up, the dog is also eating now.

Bubba has visited the hospital many times now and the condition of the dog and owner is improving. The hospital ensured that the dog has regular visits to hospital.


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