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Dog Foods | Complete information about dog foods

Dog foods refer to foods, especially designed for dogs. They have evolved over the years. They survive by eating meats and non-meat items.

Commercial dog foods :

Dog FoodsThere are different kinds of commercial  foods available in the market, some are also available in dry forms. These contain 6 to 10 percent moisture by volume, and canned foods contain 60 to 90 percent moisture. There are also semi-moist foods available in the market, these contain 25 to 35 percent moisture, and the buyers buy them on the basis of price and availability. One of the best things about dry dog foods is that they don’t expire in short time. Normally, it is a combination of dry and fresh ingredients.

Wet Dog foods

Wet food is also known as canned dog food. These are cooked during canning process and contain a higher amount of fats and proteins as compared to kibbles ( name for dry dog food in US ). You need to feed bigger quantity of those canned foods to your dog. You can make artificial meaty chunks by using protein gels and grain gluten. It looks like real meat.

Alternative dog foods

New dog meals have been introduced in the market. These meals are different from the traditional commercial pet foods, for example non-alcoholic beer, this beer is made from malt and beef extracts.

Popular Alternative Dog Foods Labels:

Dehydrated : These are available in both cooked and raw forms. The ingredients are normally air dried for reducing moisture, this will prevent the growth of bacteria. The dehydrated dog foods look similar to kibbles.

Freeze- Dried and Frozen : dog foods come in cooked ( not processed) and raw form. The main purpose is to skip some traditional processing stages like in wet and dry foods and they will be more nutritional.

Refrigerated or fresh: These are produced through the pasteurization of some fresh ingredients, cooked very lightly and then sealed in the vacuum packages. These are refrigerated until served. Refrigerated foods have shelf life of two to four months and should be kept at cool temperatures.

There are also vegetarian dog foods available in the market. These foods contain balanced amounts of ingredients i.e. pea protein, potatoes and oatmeal instead of meat. You can use them in case of extreme food allergy or for other health related reasons.

Homemade diet buckets: You will find many home-cook dog meals on the internet. These meals contain some form of ground bone, taurine supplements, pureed vegetables, raw meat or cooked meat and some multivitamin supplements. You can check the ingredients in their menus.

Toxic substances and Dangerous dog foods

There are several household items and human foods that are toxic to dogs, for example garlic and onion, chocolate, raisins and grapes, macadamia nuts. There are also some plants that are dangerous for dogs, therefore green tomatoes must be avoided. Green tomatoes contain tomatine. This ingredient is harmful for dogs. The dogs can eat tomatoes that are completely red in color because there is no Tomatime in completely red tomatoes.

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