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Dog duck hunting game

If you train the dog properly you can hunt waterfowl successfully. It will serve as loving, lifelong friend and obedient fellow. So to fill your heart with birds and your heart with love, just follow some simple steps. Please note that this method doesn’t work with every dog, the method is best for Terriers, Spaniels, Retrievers and Pointers.

There are various breeds of water dogs that can help you in hunting. Some are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Springer Spaniels. Just research and find the one that suits your needs. Some breeds require more training than other but every breed has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is best to train a puppy but you can also train an adult dog. You can research the required dog breed in local hunting clubs or online breeder’s website. Animal shelters also have dog breeds and puppies that would be suitable for hunting. Some dogs naturally like water so you can ask the animal shelter to find one.

Puppies would bond with you with time so introduce it to water. Just make it use to the idea that water is fun and you can use positive reinforcements while he plays with water. Start with small pools and then gradually take him to open water. You should also teach him to stay and sit. These are good foundational commands. Hold food in your hand and give a command to sit then press hind legs of dog gently, as soon as the dog sits give it the treat. Repeat this process. Soon your dog will start to recognize the command.

Start with decoys of waterfowl that also contain its scent. However, it is important that your dog recognizes the difference between the decoy and the real thing. Practice daily by throwing the decoy and asking the dog to fetch and use rewarding technique for that. Also, try throwing the decoy in water.

Take your dog to some actual hunting because you have only been training him in theory. The dog should be trained in the presence of guns. The more the dog is familiarized with the scent and actual feel of waterfowl the more he would perform better in hunt. You can also ask the dog to retrieves dummies from the boat. Remember to keep the training simple and use simple basic steps. However, it is a natural instinct of the retriever to go after the hunted animal on hearing the gunshot. It’s the job of owner to train the dog methodically and consistently for achieving the desired result.

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