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Dog care | How to take care of a dog

Dog care is an important issue so in this article, I will guide you step by step in the process of caring.

Care and Dog selection :

You should pick a dog that matches your energy level for that visit our Breeds section. A hyper dog will rip up the furniture if you don’t have time to walk him. You should avoid the disreputable pet shops. Some pet shops obtain the puppies from the puppy mills, and those puppies usually have issues like ear mites, fleas, etc.
Buy a puppy from the pound or breeder. You might have to pay some extra bucks for dog that you have bought from the pound, but remember you are saving the life of a dog or puppy. You should give your dog a proper name ( visit our Dog names section ).

Grooming of a dog

For proper dog care, you should buy a stiff bristled brush. The brushing will remove the loose hairs, and the fur of the dog will shine. Fine toothed paddle brushes will tease out the matting and some other debris, for example, grass, dry mud and leaves. Brush the grains in the right direction ( the direction in which the fur in growing ). Don’t brush against the grains, this might cause some painful cramps in hair follicles. When you brush the face of dog, use comb for long hair and flannel for the short hair.

Dog care and Washinghow to take care of dog

Another important thing in the process of dog care is washing. There are many dog shampoos and flea shampoos available in the market, so use them when necessary. Do not use the human shampoos, it will make their skin sensitive, and it’s harsh on the dog’s skin. Run your hands through the fur and rinse out the shampoo. You can use chamois or towel for drying. Chamois usually absorbs more water as compared to towel.

Walking your Dog

For dog care and proper health you need to walk your dog every day. Some breeds ( larger dogs ) need more walking and exercise, this way the dog will remain active. Walk your dog in a park and let them play with other dogs and kids. You should also make sure that the area is at safe distance from road.

Some good places for walking your dogs are as follows:
• Parks and fields : you should check the permission sign.
• Forest or woods, but keep the dog on a lead or they might find some squirrel or rabbit and start chasing them.
• Rivers and beaches : Make sure the coastal currents are not too strong and the water is safe.


Teach your dog some basic commands these are important for dog care and it will be a rewarding experience. ( Visit our dog training section ). Do not get too fancy because your dog might not remember them. Some important dog commands are Sit, Stay, Fetch and Lie down.

Dog care and Feeding

You should try dry foods. They contain vitamins and nutrients these are important for dog care. Buy a China bowl or some heavy-metal bowl. The bowl should be of right size. Keep the bowl clean. You should buy a measuring cup and use the right amount of food ( mentioned on the food box ). Always provide a proper amount of water. You can also give treats to your dog for example dog biscuits.

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