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Information On Complete list of all breeds of dogs

Dog breeds are the groups of dogs that are closely related. The groups of breeds are also made according to some visual similarities. You will also find the list of dog breeds with webbed feet  The term breed refers to natural breeds. These breeds are developed with time and in response to some particular environment. Some modern breeds are the descendants of Ancient dogs breeds. List of dog breeds are as follows:

Dog Breeds With Webbed Feet List:

Akitas,  golden retrievers,  Newfoundland,  Brussels Griffons,  Portuguese Water Dog, field Spaniels, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, German pointers (wire-haired), Irish water spaniels, Dachshund, wire-haired Griffons, German pointers (short-haired), Nova Scotia retrievers, red-bone coon dogs, Weimaraner, otter house and poodles.

List of Small Dog Breeds

List of Medium Dog Breeds

List of Large Dog Breeds

List of Giant Dog Breeds

Interesting facts about dogs

    • Dogs are not actually color blind. They can see colors but less vividly than humans.
    • A dog’s retina has a special light-reflecting layer behind it, so he can see in the dark ( Better than humans ).
    • A German Shepherd  has great memory and guiding skills.
    • If you never neutered or sprayed dog breeds then a dog, his mate and their puppies could give 66,000 puppies, means 66000 dogs in six years.
    • The paw pads of dogs are their only sweat glands.
    • Chihuahuas has a soft spot in its head like humans. This spot closes as Chihuahuas grows.
    • Lundehune breed can close its ears, and it has six toes.
    • Teddy Roosevelt’s dog, Pete, ripped a French ambassador’s pants off at the White House.
    • Him and Her are the names given by President Lyndon Johnson to his dogs.
    • $15000 were paid by Franklin Roosevelt for a destroyer, because he wanted to pick up the Scottie in Aleutian Islands. Mastiffs ( dog breed ) have light armors, and they were sent after the mounted knight during Roman times.
    • Some breeds can exert 150-200 pounds pressure / Sq inch and there are breeds that can exert 450 pounds of pressure / Sq inch.
    • 1 year old dog has the physical maturity that equals to human of 15 years of age.
    • WorldSassy (U.S ) has the highest population of dog breeds. 2nd highest population exists in France.
    • 87 percent of owners say that their dogs curl up at their toes or beside them during TV watching.
    • You can train a puppy for detecting epileptic seizure.
    • Taco Bell dog is also known Gidget.
    • Newfoundland’s dog breeds can swim better because of these dogs have webbed feet. Labs are also famous for their big toes.
    • Basset hound can’t swim.
    • 45 miles / hour is the fastest speed recorded, and Greyhounds are the fastest.
    • Bingo is a name of the dog on the side of Cracker Jack box.
    • “Dog” name is mentioned in the bible ( 14 times ) Pekingese, Newfoundland and Pomeranian are the 3 dogs that survived during sinking of Titanic.
  • The most popular and favorite dog breed of Canada, US and UK is Labrador Retriever.
  • About 1,000, 000 dogs in US were the primary beneficiaries in wills of owners.
  • American Animal Hospital Assoc. Poll found that 33 percent of owners leave messages for their dogs on phones or talk to them on phones regularly.
  • Like human finger print, every dog has a unique nose print, and you can identify it from its nose.
  • Almost 70 percent of pet owners sign their pet’s names on holiday and greeting cards. 58 percent of owners include their pets in holiday and family portraits.
  • The rarest breed known today is Cisky Terriers ( Approx. 350 )
  • All dog breeds have no sense of the “time.”  Dog breeds are pets of humans for over 12,000 years.
  • Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed in the World. Chihuahua is the smallest . Heaviest breed is St. Bernard.
  • Only humans and dogs have prostates. Dogs don’t have the appendix.
  •  Every dog is likely descended from the species known as Tomarctus – ( an animal that existed on earth over Fifteen million years ago )
  • Saluki is the oldest breed. Egyptian used them in track game.
  • Basenji is an African wolf dog. It is the only dog in the world that can’t bark.
  • Purebred Dogs Rudy has 703 breeds.
  • Male dogs are more dominant than female dogs, especially regarding their personal territory.
  • The Border collie (1), Poodle ( 2 ) and Golden retrievers are the smartest dog breeds in the world. Afghan hound is considered to be the dumbest.
  • The smelling capability of a dog is 100,000 time stronger than of human, but they don’t have keen eyesight like humans.
  • Dog judges an object first from its movement, then from its brightness and lastly from its shape.
  • Chocolate contains Obromine ( a substance similar to caffeine), it can kill the dog or make it violently ill.
  • Sweet lips is the name of 36 foxhounds, owned by George Washington.
  • Anatomy of all dog breeds is identical – 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones. Smaller breeds mature faster than the larger breeds.
  • In first few weeks of birth puppies sleep 90% of the days.
  • First Hollywood dog star was Rin Tin Tin and it actually signed his movie contracts (22) with paw-print.
  • Dog breeds have double amount of muscles in ears as compared to humans.
  • The internal cooling system of the dog depends on its nose, longer nose gives better internal cooling system.
  • Once a 12 pound Yorkshire Terrier saved the life of an elder woman by fighting Akita ( 80 pounds ). He survived with only nine stitches.
  • All breeds of dogs are the direct descendants of the wolves.
  • The mating of wolves and dogs produces fertal offspring.
  • In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a tri-headed dog, who guarded the underworld.
  • Dogs can hear 10 times better than humans.
  •  The oldest fossil of a dog was found to be nearly 10,000 B.C.
  • Bloodhounds have the ability to smell and identify a number of scents simultaneously.
  • The puppies of Dalmatian are of white color when they have born.
  • Pekingese puppies were carried by the Ancient Chinese in sleeves of their robes.
  • Boxers were named so because they can play with their front paws.
  • The heart of a dog beats up to 120 times / minute. It is almost 50 percent faster than a human heart.

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