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Dog Barks when people spend

Dog barking is a behavior that is not only annoying to the owners, but can also cause problems with our neighbors, in this article I suggest some tips to prevent this behavior.

My dog barks all the time …. That’s not true, we must first identify the times, situations and events that trigger excessive vocalization.

Is it a normal behavior?
The barking is mostly due to a feeling of insecurity, dog barks when it feels threatened, alerted or when someone invaded its space. It’s totally a normal way of communication and you cannot remove it completely, what you must do is control the risk.

An adult dog barks less as compared to young dogs, the reason is simple: the adults are already accustomed to their way of life and don’t feel threatened and intimidated in normal situations. The solution is simple you need to socialize your dog with different environments, this will create self-confidence.

What to do if the dog barks continuously?
It is entirely possible to change this behavior (I insist on a change of behavior and you don’t try to stop barking completely). Once you identify the situations that trigger the problem. You can distract the dog’s attention and concentrate on something else. For this, you can use any exercise that your dog understands completely. Then each time the dog barks or is about to bark, you will be able to cut the sequence with some easily executable command.

If you do this for a couple of weeks, the dog will understand that barking behavior does not bring anything positive, and it will watch out for his master to receive a reward (as always straightforward and logical).

Is it necessary to punish him?

No, actually punishing will not solve anything; instead, you should try more positive methods, like rewarding for good behavior.

Dog electronic collars for barking
There are electronic collars to solve such problems, but this must be your last resort (only use this method in case all other methods are not producing any results). If you decide to use this collar method then, you must use it during a specific situation, don’t use the dog collar all the times, remember that therapy is not a solution.

What if nothing works?
In that case I recommend you do a private consultation, with the help of a trainer, you will be able to analyze the problem and find a solution that fits your specific case and possibilities

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